Voters Enraged That Garfield Doesn’t Care If You Vote (Or Does He?)


Garfield, Jim Davis' lasagna-loving, Monday-hating cartoon tabby, has invoked the wrath of the internet by suggesting he doesn’t actually care whether anyone votes.

The cat's official Instagram account posted the controversial cartoon on Tuesday, election day in the United States. The image depicts Garfield brushing his lips, in classic crazy-person fashion, while thinking, “Do I look like I care?” The post was accompanied by a caption that seemed to double down on the feline’s indifference: “Vote. Or don’t. What do I care?”

Whether the overweight house cat actually meant anything, and whether it was intended jokingly or egregiously, is up for debate in the post's comments.

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The thought bubble and caption are a little too similar to First Lady Melania Trump’s controversial “I Really Don’t Care Do You?” jacket for some. That jacket, of course, was notoriously worn as she visited a tent city full of children separated at the U.S.-Mexico border by the Trump administration.

Others, buoyed by the #vote appended to the end of the caption, were willing to write off the cartoon as Garfield simply being Garfield – or, even more cutting, as a pointed satirical riff on the the aforementioned jacket.

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Neither the official Garfield account nor Davis has offered further explanation. Garfield, it seems, remains as enigmatic as ever.

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