Garfield Creator Jim Davis Selling Original Art for Over 10K Comic Strips


Heritage Auctions has announced it will be auctioning off original Garfield comic strips from iconic artist Jim Davis.

More than 10,000 pieces will be up for grabs, with the collection boasting a mixture of Garfield comic strips, daily strips and Sunday strips, including some worth as much as $500. These will all be offered exclusively through Heritage Auctions over the next few years in a series of Signature, monthly and weekly Sunday Internet Comics, Animation and Art Auctions.

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Originally created in 1978, Garfield has become a global pop-cultural hit, transcending the page into TV shows, movies and more. It is also the most widely syndicated feature in the world, reaching two million readers every day.

"Garfield is one of the most popular comic strips of all time, and has been for decades," Jim Halperin, Co-Chairman of Heritage Auctions said. "It has matured into a wildly successful franchise, evolving from the strip that has appeared in newspapers around the world to a television show, multiple movies and an empire of licensed products. Collectors who pursue these strips by Jim Davis see the opportunity to acquire an important part of comic art history."

"I’m very excited about my exclusive relationship with Heritage Auctions," Davis said. "I’ve always taken my responsibility to the strip seriously (go figure), so it’s gratifying to know that I’m reaching the ‘serious’ comic collectors with the help of the fine folks at Heritage."

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Garfield became a digital production back in November 2011, so the pieces on offer are the only physical art capturing the comic strip, making each one a lucrative collectible.

Bidding is currently open, with the auction closing Sunday, Sep. 1. The next comics Signature auction past this will take place between November 21-23 in Dallas, Texas and HA.com.

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