Garfield Leaves Jon and Joins the Circus in Homecoming Miniseries

BOOM! Studios' latest Garfield comic sees the titular lasagna-loving cat leaving Jon Arbuckle's house and joining the circus -- depicted in an art style that's a definite departure from Jim Davis' classic look for the characters. CBR has the first details.

Garfield: Homecoming is a four-issue June-debuting miniseries written by Scott Nickel, cartoonist of the comic strip Eek! and a veteran of multiple Garfield comic books at BOOM! Studios, with a different artist joining for each issue. Issue #1 will be illustrated by Sara Talmadge, who previously collaborated with Nickel for a story in the Garfield 2016 Summer Special.

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Here's the official description, from the publisher: "Feeling mistreated and unappreciated by Jon, Garfield embarks on a journey for a new home and, along the way, meets up with a clown who works in an old-timey travelling circus. Convinced that this is the place for him, Garfield becomes part of the act. Wait. What is that cannon for?"

"We’ve told some incredible Garfield stories at BOOM! Studios, but we’ve never taken Garfield this far outside his comfort zone -- both literally and metaphorically,” BOOM! Studios Editor Whitney Leopard said in a statement. “In-between all the crazy adventures and trademark Garfield humor, the heart of this story is one that readers of all ages can relate to -- the search to find that place where you fit in and feel like you can truly call your home.”

Andy Hirsch and Sarah Talmadge illustrated the main cover for Garfield: Homecoming #1.

“I've always loved Garfield and getting to take him on an all new adventure with Scott and the team at BOOM! Studios was such a thrill," Talmadge said. "Garfield's taking on the circus with his usual sass and legendary appetite... But can he be the new star act that the circus needs? Every page in this issue was a total blast to draw (I mean, what's more fun than the circus?), and I hope you enjoy it too!"

BOOM! Studios has published Garfield comic books since 2012, as part of its all-ages imprint, KaBOOM!. Garfield: Homecoming #1 is scheduled for release in June -- here's the first look at interior art from the issue:

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