Gareb Shamus & Co. launch GeekChicDaily

Tom Spurgeon points out the newly, and quietly, launched GeekChicDaily, a pop-culture website/e-newsletter co-founded by Wizard Entertainment CEO Gareb Shamus and spearheaded by Wizard Editor-in-Chief Scott Gramling.

GCD covers very Wizard-like territory -- comics, movies/TV, games, nerd clothing -- but aside from a single mention in Shamus' biography, I can't find any references to the lurching magazine/convention empire.

Spurgeon wonders, in part, whether GCD is the "new" Wizard, in the way the five Shamus-owned "Comic Cons" -- Big Apple, Anaheim, Philadelphia, Chicago and Toronto -- are the new Wizard Worlds. (The major difference being, of course, that Wizard continues to be published, and the Wizard Universe website still limps along.)

GCD is slicker looking than Wizard Universe, even if it does resemble a half-dozen other sites that cover the same ground, and so far its content is certainly more mature than Wizard's. I've yet to see a single "boobs" reference.

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