GameStop is Going to Start Selling Marvel, DC Comics

Video game fans will soon have another reason to open their wallets at their local GameStop stores because select locations plan to begin adding comic books to their ever-increasing selection of products.

“Comics are often a part of our promotional entertainment industry environment, including video games — we can learn from this tribal knowledge,” GameStop said to SyFy Wire in a statement. “We have partnered with Diamond to carry a small selection of comics in 40 stores utilizing their new spinner rack. The comics are mostly from Marvel and DC with a focus on key series and titles.”

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Of course, GameStop isn't a complete stranger to the comic book game. In the past, the store has offered variant covers for select titles -- primarily those that focused on video games. However, this new announcement represents a major shift in the company's offerings, which have primarily been video games, collectibles and memorabilia.

“This is just a small launch to bring comics to some of our collectibles stores as they fit with the current trend of Collectibles that are performing in the market,” the company added. “Should this prove successful, we may consider rolling out to additional stores in the future but plan to keep it limited to the spinner rack for the foreseeable future.”

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