Gameloft's "Spider-Man: Unlimited" Mobile Game Showcases Spider-Men

Earlier in June, mobile developer Gameloft announced new infinite runner game "Spider-Man: Unlimited," which features 23 different versions of Spider-Man to choose from. With the game being showcased at E3 this week, NDTV Gadgets has posted a new image of 10 different Spider-suits available to use during the course of the game. The image showcases Spider-Man, Future Foundation Spider-Man, Spider-Man Noir, Iron Spider, Bag-Man, Big Time Spider-Man, '90s Scarlet Spider, Modern Scarlet Spider, Captain Universe Spider-Man and Ends of the Earth Spider-Man. Reportedly, the game will allow players to face off against different incarnations of the Sinister Six during the course of the "Temple Run"-styled game.

"Spider-Man: Unlimited" is set to debut in September, which puts it two months before the debut of Marvel's big "Spider-Verse" event, which is set to feature "every Spider-Man ever."

Check out the images of Spider-Man and the Sinister Six below, as well as the full trailer for the upcoming game.

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