Game of Thrones Spinoff Still Officially Untitled, George RR Martin Clarifies

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Author George R.R. Martin has confirmed that the first planned spinoff of HBO's Game of Thrones is officially untitled, contrary to his earlier assertion.

Martin, whose bestselling fantasy series A Song of Fire and Ice serves as the basis for the popular HBO drama, claimed last week that the prequel is tentatively titled The Long Night. Following a comment by the cable network, the author has clarified that the prequel does not yet have a title. However, he knows which one he wants.

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"HBO has informed me that the Jane Goldman pilot is not (yet) titled The Long Night," he wrote. "[That] is certainly the title I prefer, but for the moment the pilot is still officially UNTITLED. So… mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa. Elsewise, the pilot is coming along well, with casting falling into place. I could tell you more, but I am not supposed to. We also have a couple of other successor shows still in development, but I cannot tell you about those either."

Goldman, who serves as an executive producer on Game of Thrones, is the showrunner of the prequel spinoff and has written the pilot with Martin.

A premiere date for upcoming series is still unannounced though principal photography is expected to begin early next year, with Naomi Watts and Josh Whitehouse in lead roles.

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