Why Game of Thrones Will Never Be Matched On TV


Exciting times are ahead for fans of Game of Thrones, as the Whitewalkers will finally descend on Westeros in April 2019, something that was recently confirmed in a sentimental and exciting new video from HBO. The eighth and final season will be comprised of six episodes, and while that doesn't sound like a lot, keep in mind that each installment will be two hours long. Anyone who has ever stuck with a show for the better part of a decade should be able to relate to the fans who may already be wondering what new show they'll turn to after the Iron Throne is filled for the final time -- assuming there's a throne left to sit on -- in the reportedly tear-jerking finale.

Since the success of Game of Thrones became apparent after its first season, audiences and producers alike have been searching for other shows with the potential to emulate the same kind of success as HBO's hit series, not just by hitting the right numbers, but by provoking the same kind of passion and dedication from audiences. It's not easy, and several television shows have already tried and failed when it came time for comparison. We're not saying it's impossible. After all, several television shows have already come close at one point or another.

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Many of those shows, not always intentionally, have been marketed or discussed as the "next Game of Thrones." But what does that mean? What does it say about the overall value of HBO's fantasy show? To answer the former, we must take a brief look at a few other titans of television. And a lot of the time, any new dark fantasy show, or any show set some time during a medieval-like period, is compared to Game of Thrones.

Sean Bean in Game of Thrones

Netflix's upcoming series, The Witcher, also based on a series of novels, has been compared to Game of Thrones and will no doubt face further comparison when it's actually released. It too is a show revolving around monsters, kings and queens and their petty squabbles, along with a dose of knights and world-changing events. Fans of the novel series, written by Andrzej Sapkowski, will know that the sex and violence alone will be a cause for comparison. Similarly, Black Sails was also compared to Game of Thrones in its earlier season, for no other reason than there were explicit scenes of violence and sex and it took place in an era some time in the past, or close to our past.

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Then there are the shows like The Walking Dead and Westworld, both of which were immensely popular and every bit as complex and compelling as Game of Thrones, causing audiences and critics to compare them. The Walking Dead even killed off important, well-developed characters almost as willingly as Game of Thrones, which was something of a staple for the latter.

The thing is, complex characters, political intrigue, magic and nightmarish creatures are not exclusive to Game of Thrones, that's not what makes the show so valuable. At least one show in the future will be able to take its place in that respect, no question about it. What no show will be able to do is change the landscape of television like HBO's fantasy series has in its time on air.

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