Game of Thrones: Who Will Sit on the Iron Throne


Game of Thrones Danaerys riding Dragon

Daenerys may be a dragon short, but she still has two in her arsenal, which puts her and Jon's army as favorites against the Night King's legion now that he's breached the Wall at Castle Black. Ultimately, many fans want to see her sit atop the throne, as seen by the reception to her reaching Dragonstone (the home of the Targaryens) and how she's gone about plotting her coup on her chessboard.

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Of course, the White Walkers threw a chilly wrench into her plans, but with Jon swearing fealty with the North, not to mention she's got Grey Worm and her own military, the odds are in her favor to secure what she believes is her birthright. From Season 1, Daenerys made it clear her marriage to Khal Drogo had to lead her to the Iron Throne, and she's done everything to take back what was stolen from her family. She grew from a girl into a woman, and with or without her soldiers, her resolve is so strong it's hard to see her not getting what she's always wanted, especially as we know she too will be an honorable ruler.



After being resurrected, Jon has transformed from an unassuming young man into a warrior worthy of being called king. We saw him unite the North and forge a historic alliance to combat the Night King, someone he actually survived a fight with. With Sam Tarly at his side, Jon's sure to have all the insight and tools (e.g. dragonstone) necessary to slay the villain, and with all the respect he's garnered in the show, it's easy to see him ascending the throne as a man so many people trust.

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Now, he's said he doesn't want the role, but as Rhaegar and Lyanna Stark's son (and the Mad King's grandson), he has a stronger claim than Deanerys (his aunt). It's hard to see him going back on his word, as he promised it to her, but if his newfound love dies, it makes sense for him to step up and rule the Seven Kingdoms the way Ned would have wanted. He's trained to be a leader with the Night's Watch, and even got those wildlings beyond the Wall to follow him, so no matter which team you're on, you can rest assured Jon will do true justice to the Seven Kingdoms and beyond.


Cersei crowned on Iron Throne

When she took the throne for herself following Tommen's death, fans truly understood how conniving and ruthless Cersei was. They always expected a king to rule, but this move caught us off guard and showed us we cannot discount a queen taking the throne. In a genius stroke, she transitioned the Lannisters from being Hands of the King to the folks laying down the law. Make no mistake, with this taste of power, don't expect her to relinquish it anytime soon.

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If Jon, Daenerys and company battle the Night King to the death, the surviving party could well be wiped out by Cersei in a strategic move. She's just as passionate about the throne as Daenerys, and is even willing to sacrifice her own blood (Tyrion) for it, which says it all. Cersei already lied about joining the alliance against the White Walkers and is ready to sweep up the crumbs, with the Golden Company of Braavos (sellswords and mercenaries) and Euron Greyjoy's ships comprising her own personal hit squad. It'd be naive to underestimate someone this smart who always has a trump card up her sleeve.

Game of Thrones will return for its eighth and final season on April 14. The HBO drama stars Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Jaime Lannister, Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister, Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen, Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark, Maisie Williams as Arya Stark and Kit Harington as Jon Snow.

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