Game of Thrones: Where All of the Players Are As the Final Season Begins

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With Game of Thrones' final season premiering on Sunday, the guessing game is in high gear regarding who's next to be killed and who will eventually it on the Iron Throne. As much as alliances are forged, we know this world. Betrayal comes as easy as breathing for some folks, and it may well boil down to every man or woman for themselves.

That said, let's break down all the players on the chessboard and size up where they are as the final battles loom to see who'll reign supreme over the Seven Kingdoms.


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Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen are officially a power couple, coming to Winterfell to command the massive army of the North. Their biggest asset will be Daenerys' two remaining dragons, Drogon and Rhaegal.

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With the likes of Lyanna Mormont, Davos Seaworth, Missandei, Grey Worm and the Unsullied, as well as all the other banners of the North who believed in Ned Stark, all at their disposal, hopefully this legion is enough to repel the White Walkers. When all's said and done, it'll be interesting to see if Jon does end up wanting the throne as much as Dany does, should both survive.


Game of Thrones The Nights King and the White Walkers

The Night King ended up killing Viserion, Daenerys' other dragon, and resurrecting it as a White Walker. He mounted the creature and destroyed the Wall, which allowed the ice zombies to finally begin their final march on Westerosi land. Fans are waiting to see his rematch with Jon Snow, as well as who the king's generals will be taking on in the world of man.

Interestingly enough, we're yet to see the baby they reanimated a few seasons ago, so we're not sure if that will play a key role in the plot this year. Also, we don't know if any more magic will come into play after we found out they were created by the Children of the Forest.


After ordering Littlefinger's execution, we've witnessed Sansa evolve into a cutthroat figure along the lines of Cersei, and it doesn't seem she'll take too nicely to Daenerys being Jon's leading lady. She's never been a fan of Targaryens, after all, and could well be using the alliance and Dany's dragons to carve her own path to steal the throne.

As for Arya, she's hellbent on completing her kill list, simply looking to stealthily get her hands on Cersei for ordering Ned's beheading. It remains to be seen what role Bran (the Three-Eyed Raven) will play, though. He doesn't appear emotionally connected to his siblings anymore, but he too established a link to the Night King, possibly hinting at a showdown between them in the present.


Well, Tyrion's sided with Jon and Dany, but given his unrequited love for the latter, there could be a bit of double-crossing left in him yet. It may well be a matter of time before he follows the advice of Varys (the eunuch who sought refuge with Dany's camp too) and tries to sneak his own way to the throne. However, with Jaime Lannister finally realizing Cersei may doom Westeros, Tyrion may find his brother and Bronn coming over to partner with them under Jon's banner.

As for Cersei, after her kids died, she became obsessed with the throne, deeming anyone expendable, even her own blood. With Maester Qyburn also cooking up secretive potions for her, no one knows what else she's hidden up her regal sleeves.

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