World of Game of Thrones Brought to Life in New Art Exhibition


An art exhibition focusing on the unseen aspects of the world of Game of Thrones is coming next year.

With Game of Thrones set to end in the spring of 2019, fans and creators alike have been drawn to the events that happened before the main series to further explore and expand the fantasy world. There’s already been confirmation of a prequel television series being produced, and now a group of 40 artists who work on the television series are moving forward with a project to showcase the universe even more.

The art exhibition will be titled Unseen Westeros. The artists taking part in the project have been hard at work for three years, putting together a collection of over 80 locations and events from the world of Game of Thrones.

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The gallery has already received author and series creator George R.R. Martin’s blessing. The gallery will reportedly feature 50 locations that have never been explored on the hit television show, giving fans a chance to see more of Westeros then ever before.

The gallery is slated to open in Berlin in early 2019. Check out a trailer for the exhibition (containing some of the beautiful artwork that will appear at the event) above.

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