Game of Thrones' Latest Trailer May Hint At a New Threat

In the latest trailer for the final season of HBO's Game of Thrones, the battle lines are drawn as fan-favorites unite in order to take down the Night King. As Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) expand their legion against the White Walkers, we see Cersei (Lena Headey) hedging her bets and surely plotting how to keep the Iron Throne as everyone else does the dirty work for her.

But while we see our heroes prepare for their final stand against hordes of ice zombies, the trailer offers subtle clues indicating that the biggest threat to doesn't come in the shape of White Walkers or their icy overlord. This secret, sinister figure may actually be Sophie Turner's Sansa Stark.

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Over seven season, Sansa has drawn sympathy as the show's biggest victim. When she arranged the execution of Littlefinger, fans cheered as it presented her as more assertive, someone who learned from her naiveté and the mistakes her family made in the past. Now, it seems Sansa's determined not to repeat those errors, even if it means stabbing Jon in the back.

In Sansa's brief shots, there isn't much of an heroic air. At 0:45, she's pensively staring up at the dragons as they fly over the North, as if they're just as untrustworthy as the Lannisters. At 1:24, as Jon and Daenerys approach their two dragons to seemingly mount them, we see a look of scorn, derision and (dare we say) hatred, in Sansa's eyes. Now, her facial expression could well be reserved for something else that draws her contempt, and this could simply be clever editing to mislead us, but last season, Sansa wasn't a fan of Jon forming a coalition with a Targaryen. While Sansa may welcome Daenerys and her army to Winterfell at face value, it's unlikely she'll be embracing them too closely and sincerely.

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Remember, her father helped in the uprising against the Mad King Aerys, which installed Robert Baratheon as the usurper. All her life, she's known the Targaryens to be evil (something she already voiced about Daenerys), and the trailer indicates she isn't a fan of them as this power couple who's strolling in to save the day. More so, she's not likely to roll over and watch Daenerys take the throne Jon doesn't want if they win; not after the literal blood, sweat, tears and sacrifices the Starks made in the name of justice.

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