Game of Thrones' Richard Madden to Star in Amazon Sci-Fi Pilot

“Game of Thrones” alum Richard Madden is set to star in a sci-fi pilot for Amazon Studios.

Called “The Book of Strange New Things," it's an adaptation of the 2014 novel by Michel Faber about a Christian minister who travels as a missionary to another planet, where the native people regard his Bible as the titular “book of strange new things.” The minister must also grapple with bad news sent by his wife from back home, where things appear to be coming apart due to apocalyptic natural disasters and political chaos.

The pilot is directed by Kevin MacDonald ("The Last King of Scotland") from a script by Matt Charman ("Bridge of Spies").

It should be interesting to see what changes are made to the novel as it's adapted for television. There's also the matter of the title, which bears a similarity to Netflix's summer hit "Stranger Things."

If Amazon approaches "The Book of Strange New Things" the same way as previous projects, viewers will be invited to watch the pilot and vote on whether it should proceed to series.

Madden, who starred as Robb Stark in the first three seasons of "Game of Thrones," also played Prince Kit in Disney's live-action adaptation of "Cinderella."

(via Deadline)

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