Game of Thrones Prequel Series Begins Filming


The war between the living and the undead forces of the White Walkers and the war for the Iron Throne both came to a close just one month ago, along with Season 8 of Game of Thrones. That doesn't mean fans should expect that to be the last we see of Westeros, though. Long before the final season concluded, George R.R. Martin had been working on several projects, one of which was a prequel series set thousands of years before the war for the Iron Throne.

Now, that series' pilot has officially entered production in Northern Ireland, where much of Game of Thrones itself had been shot. The new shows features a cast of several well known actors and actresses such as Naomi Watts, Georgie Henley and more.

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Jane Goldman -- who has contributed to a number of big-budget films such as Kingsman: The Secret Service -- will be serving as showunner for the series with George R.R. Martin likely acting in the same capacity as he has for Game of Thrones and S.J Clarkson, known for Jessica Jones, will be serving as director.

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We don't yet know what the show will be called; while writing the show, Martin referred to the series as "The Long Night" and several outlets have referred to the project using the rumored working title of "Bloodmoon," but no official title has been announced.

It's far too early to tell when we would see the series air on HBO, but if the prequel is greenlit, we're likely to see the show hit screens some time within the next two years.

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