Game of Thrones Prequel Set Photos Reveal New House Sigil


The Game of Thrones prequel is currently filming in Italy, and the relatively unsecured set has allowed for several leaks, showcasing minor details about the world of this new series. Of course, due to its unique setting 4,000 years prior to the events of the main show, neither fans of the original series nor fans of George R.R. Martin's novels will have an easy time piecing together what each of these details means, including a mysterious new sigil.

The sigil for one of those ancient Houses appears to have leaked thanks to several photos taken from Gaeta, Italy. The shots all feature a boat filled with a crew both in and out of costume, though it isn't the costumes that are noteworthy but the details of the boat, which include an engraving and small banner depicting a ferocious looking creature.

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While some interpret the new sigil as being an early design of the direwolf of House Stark, the feline appearance has led others to believe it belongs to the precursor family to the Lannisters, the Casterlys: an educated guess some have made owing to a legend told in the novels about the ancient origin of the family.

According to the legend, the first Casterly lord, Corlos, defended his village from a lion that had been terrorizing it. However, he found that it had cubs and chose to spare it. As a reward, the gods led him to a place rich with gold, thus enabling him to build his family into a powerful house of Westeros. That being said, it's entirely possible the sigil in the photo could represent the lion of House Casterly.

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