Game of Thrones: Lena Headey Reveals Traumatic Season 7 Deleted Scene

Cersei Lannister served as a main antagonist across Game of Thrones entire eight-season but as evil as she was, even she wasn't without her own sympathetic arc in the HBO fantasy series. And, according to star Lena Headey, the character nearly endured a particularly traumatizing and heartbreaking turn during Season 7 of the acclaimed television show.

While appearing at a fan panel in Germany, Headey revealed that one scene that was filmed, but ultimately cut, had Cersei suffer a miscarriage of her third child with brother Jaime Lannister. The traumatizing scene was intended to haunt the Queen for the remainder of the series, but was instead left unused.

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"We shot a scene that never made it into Season 7, which was where I lose the baby," explained Headey. "And it was a really traumatic, great moment for Cersei, and it never made it in."

The eighth and final season had Cersei still presumably pregnant with Jaime's child, sleeping with Euron Greyjoy in an effort to appease him and pretend the unborn baby was his instead. Cersei and Jaime would die in each other's arms in the penultimate episode of the series, buried in the rubble of the Red Keep after its destruction by Daenerys Targaryen instead of giving Cersei one last sympathetically traumatizing turn.

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