Game of Thrones Infographic Details All 6,887 Deaths in Series

Game of Thrones finale

Game of Thrones has never been shy about killing off its characters. By the end of the eighth and final season, a shockingly high number of characters -- big and small -- had been killed off the show. Now, there's an easy guide to explore all those deaths.

A new infographic by the Washington Post showcases all the deaths in the series, revealing that 6,887 characters died on screen over the course of the series. The infographic breaks down the deaths in terms of importance to the overall story and both when and where they died.

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To be included in the death count, the character (no matter how major or minor) had to die on-screen or, at the very least, have their deaths confirmed by other characters. Wights (aka the White Walker's zombie hoard) also counted towards the total.

The infographic also includes some key revelations. The two grisliest battles in the entire series occurred in Season 8, namely the Battle of Winterfell and the Burning of King's Landing. Those two battles had a combined death count of over 4,000. Thanks to her timely role in the Battle of Winterfell, Arya is technically the character with the second highest kill count, only coming in behind Drogon the dragon.

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