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What Will Happen in Game of Thrones’ Final Season?

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What Will Happen in Game of Thrones’ Final Season?

Woo. What a finale, right? Game of Thrones is over until next season, which is coming… at some point. But don’t worry, we’ve got some ideas about where it could be going based on that stunning finale we saw. Of course, this is assuming you watched the finale, which you should have, because we’re going to spoil the heck out of it – and try our best to spoil the next season as well.

As we all saw at the end of this episode, the White Walkers’ Blue Eyes White Dragon burst the Wall wide-open, allowing White Walkers and their wights to burrow into Westeros, ready to kill and kill and bring the dead back, and kill some more. So what can we look forward to next season? Well, probably a lot of that — white walkers being awesome and having a freaking ice dragon wight, possibly even killing some beloved characters and bringing them back as dark creatures of ice.

The White Walkers

Game of Thrones The Nights King and the White Walkers

Now, there’s some speculation that the war with the White Walkers will be a long thing — ie, there’ll be lots of small battles against them, with Winterfell trying to hold them back, and the warm-blooded being pushed back — but honestly? That seems pretty unlikely. While we’ll most likely see some small battles, the big fight between the humans and the Others — the official name for the White Walkers — won’t happen until the end of the show. Or, at least, that’s our guess.

Oh, and it’ll probably involve Azor Ahai. Don’t know who Azor Ahai is? He’s the warrior who fought back against the Others in the Long Night, the first time the White Walkers attacked. He used a weapon called Lightbringer, forged with his wife’s soul after he plunged it into her chest. One day he’ll come again, the “Prince That Was Promised.” Although… that might be a mistranslation of “Princess That Was Promised.” There are a number of prophecies surrounding the supposed Azor Ahai, and it looks like all of them have been fulfilled by Dany.

So get ready to see Dany, using her dragons, to defeat the heck out of the White Walkers. Most likely her new paramour (and nephew!), Jon Snow aka Aegon Targaryen, will be riding along beside her.

Dany And Jon’s Romance

Jon and Dany Dragonstone Game of Thrones 7.3

As for Jon Snow? We expect him to reunite with Ghost (please?) and to defend the North, while also meeting a ton of backlash for his subservience to Daenerys Targaryen. Oh, and of course, he’s going to learn that his true name is Aegon Targaryen and that he and Dany have engaged in that activity most beloved of Westeros’ royalty — incest. How’s he going to take it? God only knows. And George RR Martin, but most of us will have a better chance of finding out from God then from Martin.

Speaking of incest, there’s been a lot of talk this past season about how Dany can’t get pregnant, how she’ll never be able to get pregnant, and how pregnant pregnancy preg pregnant. That is all a bit weird… unless you consider it’s a set-up for her getting pregnant next season. Aw, her baby will be the real song of ice and fire!

Of course, if Jon Snow and Dany do end up more than “close” — maybe even becoming wed — there’s a chance that someone else will need to take over Winterfell, most likely Sansa, with Arya as her ersatz Hand.

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