Game of Thrones Stars Emilia Clarke, Rose Leslie Robbed by Monkeys in India

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If you think celebrities always have it easy in life, all it takes is a barrel of monkeys to prove that's not always the case. Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke shared a recent story involving her and co-star Rose Leslie getting robbed blind by a bunch of crafty primates during a trip to India.

In a series of pictures shared to Clarke's Instagram, one seemed to give a brief glimpse into what happened. The monkeys launched their attack in what appeared to be a hotel room. Three of them can be seen raiding a bowl of fruit sat atop a table.

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It's probably safe to assume the monkeys got away since Clarke assured, "We hardly put up a fight." Monkeys could be seen in other photos throughout the post, likely probably planning their next produce heist. The monkeys of India are known for making places their personal playground, with one example being an incident in which a large group of them "took over" government buildings.

In addition to the story, she shared two books she enjoyed on the trip: Saltwater by Jessica Andrews and Overstory by Richard Powers, the latter of which she felt "should be mandatory reading the world over," and summed up the trip as "yoga, spice, mamma earth and figuring out that all you’re ever looking for can be found within," which she admitted does sound a bit "corny."

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Game of Thrones' first seven seasons are currently available on DVD and Blu-ray. A release date for the final season has not been announced.

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