Game Designer Yasushi Suzuki Releases Original Manga, "Purgatory Kabuki"

Official Press Release

San Jose, CA – DrMaster Publications Inc. and DGN Productions Inc. have just signed internationally acclaimed video game designer Yasushi Suzuki (aka – D-Suzuki) for an action-packed and completely original manga publication titled – Purgatory Kabuki.

"While many U.S. manga publishers license previously published works or scramble to find American artists with a 'manga-like' artistic style for OEL manga, DGN Productions has turned toward Japan and strategically signed Yasushi Suzuki." states Marketing Director and Project Lead -

Shawn Sander. "Suzuki-san is an accredited conceptual designer, animator and graphic artist who is incredibly well known for his work in Japanese and American video games."

Purgatory Kabuki is a non-stop samurai action story set in the underworld or afterlife. For reasons unknown, former samurai – Imanotsurugi is obsessed with leaving the afterlife. To die in battle is a samurai's greatest honor. Yet, now Imanotsurugi must claim 1000 swords from the fallen warriors who share residence in the dark underworld. By these and these means alone, this highly skilled blades master will be allowed admittance back into the living world. But to what end? Upon what stone purpose does he sharpen his edge? His only enlightenment comes by way of a violently powerful but utterly adorable guide named – Enishi.

Demons, Oni, magical denizens, supernatural ninja clans and more are met with a smorgasbord of blades and stylish action. The result is beautifully illustrated chaos sublime!

"We are so very proud to bring a work with such intensity and is so completely original. Suzuki-san is one of Japan's most innovative creative talents. We are truly honored! His enthusiasm, keen eye and flare for action planning is sure to astound you, as it has us. The story borrows heavily from various Japanese legends and myth--skillfully mixed bag of action, suspense, intrigue and classic ukiyoe style art!

"Yasushi Suzuki is a world renowned video game conceptual designer and animator. His work on IKARUGA (Sega), Sin & Punishment (Nintnendo), Radiant Silver Gun (Sega), and so many other games, mainly under the gaming development giant TREASURE GAMES, has earned him a following few other conceptual designers can match.

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