Rumored Gambit Movie Plot Details Include Classic X-Men Foe

Fox's Gambit film has been stuck in such developmental hell that star Channing Tatum had to come out and indicate to fans the project is still happening and that it's restarting from scratch. Now, with the studio yet to firm up a director, full cast, or a production start date, some rumored plot details have emerged over at SplashReport.

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The details hint that the movie will be the Ocean's 11 of comic book movies, with Gambit embroiled in heists over two periods of time. The movie will reportedly explore his comic book origins in the Guild of Thieves and the war between his LeBeau clan and the Boudreaux family, which his love interest Bella Donna belongs to. It will then jump forward to Gambit being hired by none other than Mister Sinister aka Nathaniel Essex to steal a mysterious trunk that was stolen by the Boudreaux clan, which will of course bring back demons of his past.

Sinister's presence was felt in the after-credits of X-Men: Apocalyse when Essex Corp. was seen gathering Wolverine's blood samples. Also, noteworthy is that for this second heist, Gambit will be recruiting Dani Moonstar, who is already due to appear in the New Mutants movie, and Jaime Madrox aka Multiple Man (who we last saw in X-Men: The Last Stand).

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These rumors come in the wake of the last director attached, Doug Liman, leaving after citing script issues. With the likes of Deadpool 2, New Mutants and now an X-Force movie all underway, it comes as no surprise that Fox will want to proceed with this fan favorite character to expand its superhero universe as quickly as possible.

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