Gambit Producer Says Film Is Still Happening, 'Believe It or Not'

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Everyone can relax, Gambit has returned. Or at least the mutant still plans to return to the big screen.

Gambit producer and X-Men: Dark Phoenix director Simon Kinberg confirmed that Fox hasn't given up on the repeatedly delayed X-Men spinoff starring Channing Tatum as the Ragin' Cajun.

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"Believe it or not," he told Entertainment Weekly, "we're still trying to get Gambit up and running."

While the Disney acquisition of Fox's key assets has the potential to significantly alter plans for the X-Men franchise, Kinberg said filmmakers are moving forward as planned until they hear otherwise. "We haven't had any discussions yet about what the Disney acquisition of Fox would look like for the Marvel properties because I think legally they're not allowed to talk about it until it's done. So no we haven't talked about it at all. We're just moving forward as we move forward." Regarding the acquisition, Kinberg  added, "I have no idea what to expect but I think it could be really exciting.

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Gambit has been in development since at least 2015, when Fox fast-tracked the project, only for it to run into one delay after another. The film has passed through three directors -- Rupert Wyatt, Doug Liman and Gore Verbinski -- and has undergone at least one substantial rewrite. Through it all, Tatum has remained attached in the title role.

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