"Gambit" Movie Targets Spring 2017 Start Date

Fox's delayed "Gambit" film will go in front of the cameras soon -- although perhaps as not as soon as fans hoped.

"We have a great script on that and hope to shoot that movie at the beginning of spring of next year," Executive Producer Simon Kinberg told The Hashtag Show while offering an update on the X-Men movie slate.

Starring Channing Tatum, "Gambit" was pulled earlier this year from its announced October 2016 release. Kinberg later explained the move was made for all the right reasons -- namely, to ensure the script was just right.

"We just didn't get the script to the place that we all felt like that movie deserved," he said in May, "so we're still working on the script -- we're very close, actually, to being done with the script."

"There was a moment where we were going to shoot the movie at the beginning of this year, and then we felt it just wasn't ready," Kinberg continued. "So, knowing -- hoping -- that 'Gambit' is, like 'Deadpool' was, the start of a new franchise within the X-Men universe, we want to make sure to get it right."

Recent reports indicate that while Doug Liman ("The Bourne Identity," "Edge of Tomorrow") has signed on to other projects during the delay, he remains attached to direct "Gambit."

In his brief conversation with The Hashtag Show, Kinberg confirmed the "Deadpool" sequel will begin production early next year, after which he'll begin writing the next "X-Men" film.

No new release date has been announced for "Gambit," but Fox has a couple of possibilities on its 2018 schedule: March 2 or June 29.

(via MovieWeb)

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