Gambit: As Expected, Channing Tatum's X-Men Movie Is Basically Dead

With reports from May confirming that Disney removed the Channing Tatum-led Gambit film from its movie schedule, a recent comment made by the film's director seems to put the final nail in the X-Men spinoff's coffin.

Former Gambit director Doug Liman was asked by ScreenGeek if he could personally provide any official updates on the current state of the film following Disney's purchase of 20th Century Fox, to which he responded, "No. Because I don’t know. I haven’t had an update since before the buyout. I think it’s done."

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Since Gambit was officially revealed by Fox in 2014, the film has had quite a troublesome journey. Originally set to release in fall 2016, it was touted by those behind the scenes to be a superhero origin film unlike anything else Hollywood had put out at the time. However, not long after Tatum was cast as Gambit himself, the actor was rumored by multiple outlets to have left the project. On top of the film's production facing constant delays, Gambit went through nearly four different directors (including potentially Tatum himself) before finally settling on Liman as its official director. Finally, after years of speculation and conflicting reports, talks about the spinoff film being officially canceled began once the Disney/Fox deal was complete.

Although it's safe to assume the original plans for Fox's Gambit movie have been scrapped by Disney, the character may appear as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe when the X-Men are finally introduced. However, if and when that happens remains to be seen.

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