Gambit: Lizzy Caplan Joins X-Men Spinoff's Cast in Major Role


Fox is making progress with its upcoming X-Men spin-off, Gambit, with Emmy-nominated actor Lizzy Caplan reportedly joining the film's cast.

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Variety states Caplan is in talks to join the movie as its female lead. The film, which had been stuck in development for a number of years until recently, appears poised to gear up for production rather quickly, with a number of roles reportedly being cast.

Gambit is rumored to have both Mr. Sinister and Red Death as antagonists, and will focus of Remy LeBeau's origins - including the Thieves Guild and Assassins Guild. “We lit a fuse on the first one and just blew it completely out of the water,” Tatum said recently. “I think we got lucky – we got hit with some setbacks and it was all for a good reason. We were trying to do something completely different. We were trying to do something that this genre of movie hasn’t seen before. We kept running into the same problems, and then Deadpool and Logan came through and kicked the doors down.”

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Debuting in theaters on Feb. 14, 2019, Gambit is a production of 20th Century Fox directed by Gore Verbinski and starring Channing Tatum.

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