Gallaher, Ellis take 'The Only Living Boy' to the web

David Gallaher and Steve Ellis, who worked together on Zuda's High Moon, comiXology's Box 13 and Marvel's The Winter Guard, are taking their self-published creation The Only Living Boy to the web.

They've posted the first 20 pages of the first issue, which was previously funded through Kickstarter, on a dedicated site. Their plans are to post additional pages every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

“Our aim with The Only Living Boy is to create amazing adventure comics that are inspired by the past, but have an eye towards the future,” Gallaher said. “For the last seven years, Steve and I have been exploring how to use the digital space to tell the best stories we can -- from High Moon to Box 13 to The Only Living Boy. Our new new webcomic is re-affirmation of our digital roots.”

The series presents the adventures of Erik Farrell, a 12-year old who just might be the last human alive.

“We miss adventure comic books that are chock full of epic worlds to discover and characters who move and fly and sail,” Ellis said in a press release. “The Only Living Boy is our love letter to classic storytelling. As a parent, I want people to read the series and have a huge smile on their face. When they finish a chapter they should feel awesome. After all, this is a series with an insect princess, a mermaid warrior, dragons and a menagerie of exotic and dangerous creatures. It’s about having fun.”

For more details, visit the site or check out The Beat's interview with Ellis.

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