All of Galactus' Powers, Ranked

A God-like being from the beginning of creation, Galactus has always loomed over the rest of the Marvel universe. Known for his appetite of consuming worlds, he is one of the most powerful Marvel characters. He has served as one of the Fantastic Fours greatest enemies. At times, he has also appeared as an unlikely ally. Since Disney recently bought out Fox Studios, Marvel has regained the movie rights to Galactus. With Thanos out of the picture, there is no bigger threat to introduce going forward than the devourer of worlds himself. Containing numerous powers, each more fantastic than the last, now would be a good time to catch up on what exactly he can do. Here are all of Galactus' powers, ranked.

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13 Forcefields

In order to protect himself and his equipment, Galactus has the ability to form energy forcefields. This power is just icing on the cake. Even if he didn't have his forcefields, Galactus is already near invincible. Makes the ability feel a bit redundant, really.

12 Telekinesis

Although he rarely uses it, Galactus also has the power of telekinesis. Able to move objects or people with his mind, Galactus doesn't have to move a muscle to defeat his foes. He more often appreciates a more subtle approach when dispatching his enemies.

11 Super Strength/Invulnerability

The limits of Galactus' physical strength are immeasurable. He has withstood powerful blows from some of Marvel's strongest heroes such as Hulk and the Thing without even flinching. Galactus has even survived collisions with entire planets and nuclear weapons. He is also immune to all possible diseases and poisons. There is almost nothing that can hurt him, save for one extremely rare superweapon.

10 Energy Projection

Galactus can channel his power, the Power Cosmic, into concentrated blasts of cosmic energy. These blasts could vaporize his enemies or destroy entire planets. Most likely, he would try to avoid doing so. However, as that leaves less energy from the planet for him to absorb.

9 Telepathy

Galactus is one of the most powerful telepaths in existence. Some of the most powerful earthly telepaths such as Professor X and Jean Grey have nothing close to his ability. Not only can he enter the thoughts of anyone he chooses, but this God-like being can also communicate with minds located galaxies away.

8 Teleportation

Not only can Galactus transport himself long distances in an instant, but he can also transport any object he chooses. From time to time he has even transported his heralds far away. If a threat/nuisance is bothering him, Galactus can simply transport said persons or things millions of miles away.

7 Size Alteration

Already a towering entity, Galactus can use his cosmic powers to grow even bigger. Or, if he wishes, he could shrink in size. He most often prefers the former over the latter.

6 Immortality

Galactus is an ancient being; a true force of nature in the cosmos. On the same power level as the celestials, he might as well be a God. His origins date back before the big bang. He used to be a humanoid known as Galan. A space explorer, Galan discovered the center of his universe's collapse: the Cosmic Egg. In a last-ditch hope to stop his world from ending, Galan flew straight into the Egg. When the dust settled, and a new universe emerged, Galan exited the Cosmic Egg reborn as Galactus. His powers of immortality have kept him alive ever since. As long as he continues to absorb the power of planets to sustain himself, he will remain immortal.

5 Transmutation and Absorption of Matter

Galactus is the eater of worlds. That doesn't mean he simply chomps down on them though. Instead, with the aid of machines, Galactus transforms worlds into energy, which he then absorbs. Although this satiates his hunger for a time, eventually Galactus becomes hungry again.

4 Resurrection

Although he is impossibly powerful, Galactus has been defeated before. Despite facing death, he has still been able to endure, resurrecting himself and returning with a hunger to devour more worlds. Galactus' cosmic nature is to provide a balance between the beings known as Death and Eternity. Perhaps his role between both of these beings gives him some sort of control over them.

3 Cosmic Awareness/Intelligence

Not only is he an incredible scientific genius, but Galactus also possesses cosmic awareness. With a fine-tuned sense of what is happening in the universe, Galactus at times appears to be omnipotent, and he nearly is. His cosmic awareness most likely builds on his genius. With all of this knowledge, Galactus has built some of the most powerful weapons in the universe. These include his world ship, Tara II, as well as the infamous Ultimate Nullifier.

The Ultimate Nullifier, created by Galactus, also might be one of the only weapons capable of defeating him. It is a weapon with the ability to completely annihilate any being that the wielder wishes. It can also erase timelines or destroy multiverses.

2 Imbuing the Power Cosmic

Galactus' heralds are his most trusted servants. They are his emissaries. Sent out to find new planets for him to devour. His first herald to appear in the comics, Silver Surfer, has become one of Marvel's most popular heroes. Upon choosing a herald to serve him, Galactus imbues that individual with a portion of his power: the Power Cosmic. Although it is only a fraction of his own power, these heralds become some of the most powerful characters in Marvel comics.

1 Creation of Life

More recently in the comics, Galactus found himself in conflict with the Ultimates. The Ultimates are an Avengers-like team determined to defend Earth from more cosmic threats. These Ultimates changed Galactus; forced into an incubator, Galactus became transformed into a bringer of life. Instead of consuming energy wherever he can find it, Galactus now creates new life everywhere he goes.

This was a drastic change for the character. Unfortunately, the change wasn't permanent. In order to help defeat Ultron, the Silver Surfer asked Galactus to consume a planet overrun with Ultron-robots. He agreed, and afterward, his hunger returned. Now reunited with his most famous herald, Galactus scours the universe in search of uninhabited worlds to consume.

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