Galactica History Is Made With "Cylon War" Series From Dynamite

Runnemede, NJ – Dynamite Entertainment today announced that their next mini-series event from the New Battlestar Galactica comic book line will be BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: THE CYLON WAR and will feature the combined writing talents of novelists Eric (Halo) Nylund and Joshua ((FREQUENCIES)) Ortega. The excitement of bringing novelists to comics is an added plus, as Dynamite is doubly excited to feature (and we believe for the first time) two novelists working together on a comic series!

About the new mini-series event and the collaboration of Nylund and Ortega, Dynamite stated; "This mini-series event is set to reveal the historic events of the first Cylon War, as well as the happenings during the 40 year truce that followed. The idea is quite intense, given that these are the proceedings that Battlestar buffs have been speculating about since the initial mini-series on Sci Fi. With that in mind, we knew that we would need a creative team with a futuristic and scientific sense, so it's easy to imagine our excitement when Joshua and Eric came on board. Coupling the military-esque aspects of Eric's work with the scientific components of Joshua's storytelling style guarantees fans will receive a compelling and precise recount of Battlestar history."

Eric Nylund, author of the popular Halo books exclaimed, "Galactica! I've had the pleasure of working with Bungie on the HALO novels... but now I have the great privilege to delve into Galactica. Holy Smokes! It's friggin' BATTLESTAR GALACTICA!! Can you tell I'm excited? Not only is it the best SF television out there today, but we get to create the one thing every fan is dying to learn about: THE CYLON WAR. What made machine life turn on its creators? How did the war between man and machine start... and then end in a truce forty years before the modern BATTLESTAR GALACTICA series begins?

"Another great facet to this project is I get to team up with Joshua Ortega, novelist and awesome comic book writer (Necromancer series, among many others). He breathes life in these early–era GALACTICA characters like no one lese could. The fans (myself included here) are in for a real treat."

Joshua Ortega, best known for his novel ((FREQUENCIES)), as well as his comic book and graphic novel work on titles such as Star Wars, Spider-Man, Batman, Star Trek, The Escapist, and The Necromancer, stated, "I'm incredibly excited about this project, on so many levels. BATTLESTAR GALACTICA is a series that I loved as a kid, and now as an adult, I've been just amazed with what Ron Moore and Co. have done with the new series.

"BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: CYLON WAR combines the best of both worlds for me...not only do we get to tell a story that takes place during the new series, but we also get to shed some light on what happened many years before during the Cylon War, and yes...we get to see some "chrome toasters" in action! I still dig that old-school design, what can I say?

"Another reason why I'm so pumped is the opportunity to work with Eric Nylund, a fantastic writer who brings not only an encyclopedic knowledge of military SF, but who also knows how to develop great characters and keep a story moving at a whip-cracking pace. This marks his comics debut, and I think GALACTICA and comic fans are in for a real treat when they see what he can do in this medium!"

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