Gaiman Reveals New "Eternals" Art

The anticipation is palpable when it comes to Neil Gaiman's take on "The Eternals." While this isn't his first work at Marvel Comics, nor is this a set of characters he created, the "Sandman" creator seems to generate excitement with every endeavor upon which he embarks, and "Eternals" is no exception. Over at Gaiman's blog, the scribe revealed a new image from his forthcoming Marvel series. Here it is, for your viewing pleasure. And make sure to stay tuned to CBR News for more updates on "The Eternals."

Gaiman wrote: On the theory that sometimes it's better, or at least quicker, to apologise after than get permission first, here's a first look at pages 2 and 3 of the first issue of The Eternals. (If this post vanishes it'll be because I'm not meant to show it yet. Somehow I don't think anyone will mind, though. It made me smile to get this in email this morning -- we're trying to, not copy Kirby, but to get that feeling of scale and energy and wonderful madness that Kirby had, and, for me anyway, Messrs Romita Jr, Miki and Hollingsworth pull it off... Click on it to see it larger.)

width="230" height="178" alt="" border="0" align="">Pages 2-3

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