Gail Simone Signs Exclusivity Agreement with DC Comics

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For writer Gail Simone her journey in comics so far has been a fun and strange one filled with surprises. In October of 1999 she joined Comic Book Resources as a regular contributor with her weekly satire column "You'll All Be Sorry." Soon after launching the column she began to get offers of professional comics work, with her first professional work published by Bongo Comics, publishers of "The Simpsons" and other related books. Since then she's worked for a multitude of publishers that include Oni Press where she and artist Lea Hernandez created "Killer Princesses," as well as Marvel and DC Comics. Today, DC Comics announced they've signed Simone to a one-year exclusivity agreement.

"From the moment I started working with DC, they've been nothing short of pohenomenal," Simone said in a press release. "I literally don't have a single decent complaint! I'm working with fantastic, brilliant editors like Mike Carlin, Lysa Hawkins, and Steve Wacker, on a wide variety of books. So, yes, I'm happy. Ecstatic might be a better word. Can't wait to announce some of the upcoming plans... people are gonna be amazed, I think.

"But there's more to it than just that. Speaking with Dan DiDio [DC's VP - Editorial], it's obvious he has a plan he's committed to, and it's one that makes sense to me: make interesting books and promote them well. There's a new willingness to shake things up, the whole organization is trying new things, and there's great respect for the readers and retailers, which I think is crucial. It's very exciting and I'm thrilled to be a part of it."

CBR News followed up with Simone to get a bit more perspective on the signing. For Simone, signing the deal with DC opens up a wide variety of opportunities for her within DC's various imprints.

"Even though I'm still a newbie, I've been fortunate enough to get to sample different assignments, from 'Gus Beezer' to 'Deadpool' to 'Simpsons' to 'Vampirella' to 'Killer Princesses,'" Simone told CBR News Friday morning. "So it was cool to get to work with a wide variety of editors and artists in such a short span of time. What's great about DC is, you have every option from Cartoon Network comics to Vertigo, and that was very appealing."

The agreement Simone signed with DC does allow her to continue working on a number of assignments she's commited to with Bongo Comics, a stipulation that Dan DiDio agreed to. Once that was addressed, the question of whether to commit or not was an easy one to answer.

"…I can say that the best thing they offer is great support and challenging assignments. I spoke with several friends who have exclusive deals at DC and they said don't even hesitate, because all the promises were kept."

In addition to her current run on DC's "Birds of Prey," Simone has a number of other projects upcoming from the publisher, including a few big secrets which the writer wouldn't reveal at this point in time.

"Can't really divulge the secret secretosity of that secret at this secret time, but it's very cool, and very unexpected. And it's not 'Watchmen Kids.' 'Rose and Thorn' starts this month. 'JLA,' [illustrated by José Luis García-Lopéz & Klaus Janson] I'm not quite certain -- sometime in 2004, hopefully.

"And Birds of Prey...lots of cool Birds news coming very soon!"

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