Gail Simone Leaves "Wonder Woman"

Wrapping up a run that was much heralded both within comic circles and across the general press, DC Comics announced today via their The Source blog that writer Gail Simone will soon leave the monthly "Wonder Woman" comic. The writer began her run with the Amazon princess in late 2007 with "Wonder Woman" #14, and though The Source did not reveal the exact end point of Simone's tenure, the writer said in a statement for the blog that she will contribute to June's renumbered "Wonder Woman" #600.

Simone wrote "I'm sad to leave but very, very proud of the work we did together and delighted to have been a small part of Diana's ongoing epic saga. It's really been a joy. And I have to say in complete honestly, I am genuinely thrilled by who is taking over the book. It's someone who is going to rock this book like there's no tomorrow, and I could not be happier with this choice. They got this one 100% right. I think it's going to be a new era of greatness for our princess. People are going to freak and that makes me smile a lot."

DC did not confirm who would take over next, but as part of the announcement of Simone's leaving, the publisher did reveal that in addition to her ongoing work on "Secret Six" as well as the upcoming relaunch of "Birds of Prey," Simone will write a new "Welcome to Tranquility" mini series for WildStorm.

In addition, Simone expanded on her thoughts on leaving "Wonder Woman" in a new "Wonder of Wonders" column on CBR's Comics Should Be Good blog. "I have a feeling I'm going to miss Wonder Woman for a long, long time. But unfortunately, it is time to say goodbye," the writer said. "We brought in some people to work on Wonder Woman on projects I'm hoping will still see the light of day, many of whom have never worked at DC before, and we're handing over the reins to the best possible choice to take over. And there's a little surprise in #600 that is a dream come true for me. So I'm happy for the book and for Diana. And we're going out with a bang, with a big, crazy invasion story featuring the return of someone from WW history, and art by the mighty Nicola Scott."

CBR will continue to monitor the news surrounding DC's biggest superheroine including what projects lie ahead and what creative team will eventually step onto the title come summer.

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