Gail Simone Is DC's "New" Batgirl Writer

Fans of Gail Simone's "Batgirl" work are getting an early Christmas present.

After being dismissed from the New 52 title starring Barbara Gordon earlier this month, the writer today announced via Twitter and Tumblr that DC Comics have welcomed her back to the book.

"I Know Who The Next Writer On Batgirl Is...and her name is ME!" Simone wrote on the latter. "I am typing this on a snowy road, cell service is about to disappear, I know everyone has a million questions, but...BATGIRL, baby!

"Thank you to DC for this privilege, and a million thank yous to everyone who wanted to see this happen. I am ECSTATIC."

The move is an abrupt about face presumably in response to waves of angry fans who were shocked that the longtime writer of Gordon's adventures was dismissed via an e-mail earlier this month. While Simone remained clear of any public comments against the company as a whole, her revealing that she had been dismissed from the book without a phone call was a sign of the obvious hurt the move had caused, and her online fanbase responded with a range of upset, despair and threats to quit DC's line altogether.

"In the end, it really wasn't just another freelance job. Batgirl represented a monthly victory in the ongoing fight against institutionalized sexism in mainstream comics," Robot 6's Corey Blake said about the move while commenting on the rare place Simone's "Batgirl" held in mainstream comics (though since the New 52's launch, public comment about gender inequality has led to more titles like Ann Nocenti's "Catwoman" and Christy Marx's "Sword of Sorcery").

Presumably, writer Ray Fawkes' planned two-issue fill-in on "Batgirl" will proceed as planned, meaning Simone will return to the ongoing with May's issue #20.

Stay tuned to CBR News for more on this story and the future of "Batgirl."

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