Gail Simone Adds Two Years to DC Exclusive

Official Press Release

Gail Simone, writer of BIRDS OF PREY and an upcoming story arc in JLA: CLASSIFIED illustrated by José Luis García-López & Klaus Janson, has extended her exclusive agreement with DC Comics for two years.

"There are a ton of great reasons to work for DC: the characters, the management, footrubs from Greg Rucka, Dan DiDio's fabulous slumber parties, the editors, and the attention to quality and detail all spring to mind," says Simone. "Seriously, I think DC's commitment to the readers is unequalled. They have management you can believe in, exceptional editors like Joan Hilty and Mike Carlin and Stephen Wacker, and a proven commitment to excellence."

"Gail brings a truly distinctive voice to the DCU, and we're thrilled to have her on board," says Dan DiDio, VP - Executive Editor, DCU. "We see Gail as a star, and we believe that the projects she'll be working on over the next two years will reflect this."

The first six issues of Simone's run on BIRDS OF PREY, with art by Ed Benes, Alex Lei and Rob Lea are collected in the BIRDS OF PREY: OF LIKE MINDS TP (DEC030243), available for reorder.

The BIRDS OF PREY: SENSEI AND STUDENT TP (NOV040263), collecting BIRDS OF PREY #63-68 is solicited in the November issue of Previews (Volume XIV #12) and is scheduled to arrive in stores on January 12.

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