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Gage Sets the “Spider-Verse” Stage with One More “Superior Spider-Man” Story

by  in Comic News Comment
Gage Sets the “Spider-Verse” Stage with One More “Superior Spider-Man” Story

In “Superior Spider-Man” #31, writers Dan Slott and Christos Gage and artist Giuseppe Camuncoli brought one of the most exciting, controversial and flat-out crazy story lines in the history of Marvel Comics’ flagship character to a close. After realizing that his brand of violent and vainglorious super heroics would not save the woman he loves, Anna Marie Marconi, from the clutches of the Green Goblin, the Superior Spidey surrendered his control of Peter Parker’s body to what remained of his old foe’s consciousness, and his mind seemed to fade away. The saga of Otto Octavius, who transformed himself from the villainous Doctor Octopus into the titular heroic character by implanting his consciousness in Peter Parker’s body, had finally reached its conclusion.

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Or so it seemed. In August, Otto returns for one more outing as Spidey in “Superior Spider-Man” #32 and 33, a special story written by Slott and Gage and featuring art by Camuncoli and Adam Kubert. And in addition to finally filling in the story of what happened when Spidey was momentarily transported into the future — to the year 2099, to be exact — which sets the stage for this fall’s massive “Spider-Verse” event.

CBR News: Let’s start with the big questions. “Superior Spider-Man” #32? I thought the “Superior” era was over? What exactly is “Superior Spider-Man” #32-33? Is it a continuation of the series? And how does it feel to be continuing “Superior Spider-Man” with Dan?

Christos Gage: Well, last things first, it feels great! I love Superior Spider-Man. I think his saga has been Dan’s masterpiece in a history-making run on Spidey, and on a personal level, I find the character fun, tragic and just plain engaging to write.

What “Superior” #32-33 is, is a tale that occurs in the present, starring a Superior Spider-Man of the past, who finds himself in the future. If you remember “Superior Spider-Man” #19, Otto got caught in an explosion of temporal energy, only to reappear some time later. Now we’ll find out what happened in the interim — where and when he went. This is only two issues, but it’s just the beginning of a larger story!

What can you tell us about your protagonist’s mental status when the issue begins?

This is Otto Octavius circa “Superior” #19, so it’s before he learned some humbling lessons. His immediate priority is to get back to his own time, and his love, Anna Maria Marconi — but there are a few hurdles he has to get past first.

And what is the story about? Can you tell us about the supporting characters and antagonists that we’ll see in the issue?

This is Superior Spider-Man’s introduction to the “Spider-Verse” event, which features Spider-Men from every possible timeline. So there will be many and varied Spider-Men — but the vast majority will be Peter Parker, or variations on him; which sets Otto apart. And, in his mind, makes him the superior choice to deal with the overwhelming threat they face!

You’re working with two artists on “Superior”#32, regular Spider-Man artist Giuseppe Camuncoli, and Adam Kubert. What can we expect from these guys on the issue?

It’s an all-star team, isn’t it? I can’t believe my luck. Of course, I’ve worked with Cammo before on “Superior,” and we all saw what he could do in the big finale, so it’s great to see him back on the character. But what’s really fun for me is seeing him cut loose on variant Spider-Men and bizarre alternate Earths.

As for Adam Kubert, what can you say about him? I remember standing in line at a convention in Boston back in the early ’90s to get his autograph, and now I get to write a script for the guy! We’ll see his take on both Superior Spidey and a very–shall we say unorthodox
Alternate Spider-Man, along with our Big Bad!

If you’re excited for “Spider-Verse,” you do not want to miss this issue! I mean “Superior Spider-Man,” Cammo, Adam Kubert — I don’t really need to hype this, but I’m so excited I can’t help it! What more do you want, effendi?

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