Gabriel Reveals Marvel NOW! Variants

Marvel Comics Senior Vice President of Sales David Gabriel took to the web this week for his GABRIEL NOW! column for Diamond Comics, revealing a number of new variant covers for the publishing initiative and spoke about the types of promotional items retailers can expect to receive to help promote the massive relaunch.

"Overall for Marvel NOW!, we've sent out posters, postcards, and window clings designed to help retailers promote the launches throughout stores and their communities," Gabriel said in his column. "We've also done a special Free Marvel NOW! Previews arriving in stores for retailers to get into the hands of all their customers. This allows them to get the first look at all the Marvel NOW! launches for October and November!"For the individual series -- this is a first -- each book in the Marvel NOW! launch will be getting a free large promotional poster for retailers to use in stores and create huge displays of all the Marvel NOW! titles.  I forget the exact number, but it's something like 5 or 6 new large posters each month."We'll also be creating special calendars to give away to retailers and fans, as well as bringing back the popular coasters that we created in the past.  It's a huge assortment for retailers and fans -- all designed to inform about the excitement surrounding the Marvel NOW! launch."

The items depicted included coasters for "All-New X-Men" #1 and buttons featuring Iron Man, Wolverine and Rocket Raccoon. Check out the promotional items and variant covers below.

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