Gabe Asks You A Question, Re: Prototype

This gives me all the excuse I need to write about video games here again.

I think comics fans who aren't video game snobs (re, old and dumb and Burgas) might get a kick out of Prototype. It's made by the same team as Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, and plays a lot like what that game, except the main character is basically what would happen if you threw the Hulk, Venom/Carnage, and Mystique in a blender for the ultimate open world amoral superhero game. That makes the fact that DC is publishing the comic tie-in even funnier, even if that is a pretty solid creative team there. I'd rather read Mirror's Edge, though, and not just because I really want to see how they handle a comic about a parkour runner. (I may be the one and only fan of Screwball.)

You see, the story is a total "government conspiracy creates horrible monsters" cliche. Even when compared to the rank and file video game narrative, it's pretty lame. That said, I do like the way it unfolds. Whenever you "consume" (violently kill and eat, basically) someone, you access their memories. That helps you find out how you became a HulkVenomCarnageMystique hybrid (you have amnesia, I forgot to mention. Told you the story was cliched). Also, you learn how to operate weapons that way, which makes it a bit like the Matrix if Keanu Reaves snacked on the extras to learn kung fu. How's that for a high concept?

But really, this is a waste of words. All I should have to say is "In Prototype, you can do a karate kick on a helicopter" to help you decide whether this game is for you. With Chris Sims at some mixer for portly nerds, it falls to me to point these things out until he returns.

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