Crossover Fun With G-Man and Aw Yeah Comics!

In "Reason to be Excited," I spotlight things from modern comics that I think are worth getting excited about. I mean stuff more specific than "this comic is good," ya know? More like a specific bit from a writer or artist that impressed me.

Today, we look at Chris Giarrusso's crossover between G-Man and Action Cat and Adventure Bug from Art Baltazar and Franco's Aw Yeah Comics!

G-Man is about a young man named Mikey G who gained superpowers and became the superhero known as G-Man. Mikey then draws a comic series about G-Man and Giarrusso uses those strips for frequent metafictional commentaries about his own career in comics. You can read Giarrusso's webcomic at his website here. However, in addition, Giarrusso then reprints the stories about a year later in the Funny Pages section of Erik Larsen's Savage Dragon.

The Funny Pages is this awesome bit where Larsen will print some webcomic material from various awesome independent comic creators. Giarrusso debuted G-Man in the back pages of Savage Dragon back when Giarrusso had a more regular back-up feature in the series. Now, it's just when his material is collected into a few pages.

In Savage Dragon #244, the crossover between Giarrusso's G-Man and Art Baltazar and Franco's Action Cat and Adventure Bug (from their Aw Yeah Comics!) was covered.

Naturally, Giarrusso did his typically clever, offbeat take on the concept, as Action Cat and Adventure Bug want to team up with G-Man for him to...draw a comic for them.

What's especially funny is that it is not even for a comic book starring the three of them, but for some new character named Shifty...

Shifty is an over-sensitive jerk...

This leads to some of that fourth-wall breaking stuff...

And then probably the key aspect of Giarrusso's comics. There's Mikey's older brother telling him how people on social media are reacting to the comic...

and then comic book convention appearances. Giarrusso has NAILED these throughout his career. He even has an awesome collection Tales From the Con. He really gets the whole frustrating Catch-22 aspect of being an independent comic creator in a world where people seemingly only want books from the Big Two. Like this comic where he references the fact that Giarrusso is probably still best known for his Mini-Marvels comics and Baltazar and Franco are best known for their Tiny Titans work...

You can just feel the annoyance in that. "We love both of you! It would be great if you crossed over! But just on a Big Two book." ARGH!

Anyhow, there's lot more fun stuff in this crossover...

You just can't win. Well, Mikey G just can't win, that is.

But really, just check out Giarrusso's website. Buy his awesome comic collections.

Okay, this feature is a bit less of a reader-interactive one, as I'm just spotlight stuff in modern comics that specifically impressed ME, but heck, if you'd like to send in some suggestions anyways, maybe you and I have the same taste! It's certainly not improbably that something you found cool would be something that I found cool, too, so feel free to send ideas to me at brianc@cbr.com!

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