G.I. Joe, Transformers 2, Hancock: June 9th Comic Reel


Actress Sienna Miller was interviewed by The Telegraph, talking about why she was willing to get into the black leather. "I'm aware of what a film of this magnitude will bring. An interviewer said this thing to me that was a huge part of my decision. He said, 'As far as I'm concerned you can act, but the people that read Heat will never see the films you're making, and they are the non-believers," Miller said. "You have to make something commercial in order to be seen as more than a fashionista or tabloid fodder."


Ready for some spoilers? Superhero Hype has some in a new pair of set reports from Pennsylvania.


There's a new behind-the-scenes featurette on this Korean website.


Wanna see a special video clip about the stunts from the film? Check LiveVideo ...

Comic Related continues its in depth set report from Vancouver.


CBR News received today a new Eva Mendes-centric poster from the forthcoming Will Eisner adaptation by Frank Miller.


The rumor from Bloody Disgusting is that Michael Rymer has been tapped to helm the Top Cow adaptation.


Director Louis Letterrier discusses the complexity of Dr. Banner in this video ...

Speaking of Leterrier, he let's a spoiler slip in this video from G4TV ...

Add to that three new TV spots online this weekend and videos updated at the official site and you're gonna get all gamma-irradiated ...


Speaking of new video (stupid disabled embedding) ...

Comics2Film has some new production stills from the upcoming action flick.


Actor Terrence Howard is quoted at Military.com saying that he'd be back at work on the sequel in March 2009.

Just in case you're still keeping track, the original film added $7.5 million domestically and $4.8 million internationally this weekend to bring its worldwide total to a massive $538 million, according to Comingsoon.net.


IGN has the trailer for the 2.0 version of Earth's Mightiest Heroes ...


Speaking of animation, CBR has an interview with voice actor Josh Debar, who plays Flash Thompson on the new series. "I think Flash has a certain brashness, but he also has a likability, so he's not a complete doof that you hate," Debar said. "He's a dichotomy -- he's got a few different sides, and he surprises people. I was both a theatre guy and a football guy in high school, and people tried to stick me into that one-note category, depending on how they knew me -- and I didn't like being stereotyped. So when the show gives me the opportunity to represent his other sides, like this week when you see Flash's compassion rather than just all that testosterone, I really enjoy showcasing that part of his character because I can relate to his situation."


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