G.I. Joe, The Dark Knight, Iron Man: November 20th Comic Reel Wrap


Co-braaaaaaaa! The news from Variety is that actress Sienna Miller has been cast as "the film's female lead, described as a raven-haired baroness and sexy femme fatale skilled in espionage." The release date for the film is August 7th, 2009, according to Comingsoon.net.


IESB has a video interview with actor Heath Ledger on being the Clown Prince of Crime.


Speaking of IESB, they also talked to actor Terence Howard asking whether or not he'll get armored in the Jon Favreau-helmed action film. Howard said, "I don't want to say anything that's going to get me in trouble," but said "But maybe just a nod would be alright" when asked for subtle confirmation.


Director Greg Beeman has a spoiler-tastic new blog about last night's episode, "Cautionary Tales." Herosite also has the official network description for the possible season finale, December 3rd's "Powerless."


Director Matthew Vaughn told The Daily Mail that he wants to bring Asgard to the UK. "We have the A-list actors, designers, cinematographers and crew in Britain, so there's no need to make 'Thor' among all that madness in Los Angeles," he said. It also noted that due to the WGA strike, filming would not begin until at least the end of 2008.


CHUD is reporting that "Tales of the Black Freighter" will likely be an animated featurette, possibly released while the main film is in theaters, and a second featurette, done as a '60s styled newsmagazine and focused on the original Nite Owl would be filmed as well, based on "Under The Hood" material from the graphic novel.


Watch yourself, pretty -- a small note in the Denver Post claims that "Prison Break" actor Robert Knepper will co-star with Hugh Jackman in the mutant minded movie.


Despite news that negotiations will resume on Monday, the New York Times is reporting that "several hundred CBS News employees represented by the Writers Guild of America have voted to authorize a strike against the company. The vote enables the guild to call a strike at any time, although a walkout is not imminent. A strike could affect CBS television and radio newscasts, both nationally and in four local markets."

Comics luminary Mark Evanier created an article for the New Republic discussing the history of WGA strikes. The Los Angeles Times has a story on a failed initiative to unionize writers on reality shows.

Strike news may be less intensive now that the AMPTP and the WGA have agreed to a media blackout, but CBR will present coverage of today's Solidarity with Writers march and rally in Hollywood.


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