G.I. Joe, Superman, Iron Man 2: August 6th Comic Reel


Entering the home stretch for Friday's release of the film. The LA Times Hero Complex talks to long time "G.I. Joe" comics writer Larry Hama -- who created the material upon which the movie is based -- also a consultant on the film. Sci Fi Wire talks to screenwriter Stuart Beattie. Meanwhile, Collider speaks with stars Channing Tatum and Marlon Wayans and producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura:

Starring Ray Park, release date: August 7th, 2009


Someday the Superman stories will become more solid and I can drop the question marks. For instance, Slashfilm asked director James McTeigue about a number of comic related projects he has been rumored to be taking on. He denided them all except Superman (Begins?): "You know ... I ... I would say ... I'll keep you guessing, actually. It's good not to dispel every rumor, right?" he tells the site. McTeigue has directed "V for Vendetta" and the upcoming "Ninja Assassin."

Release date: 2012?


Over at Jon Favreau's Twitter account, the director says he just watched the assembly of the film. This is the long version the editor puts together as the film is still being shot, compiling the scripted scenes. Favreau calls this "the daunting low point of post[-production]." No assembly is perfect; the director and editor collaborate from that point to find the film's overall pace. Of this assembly, Favreau says, "This time, however, I was stoked."

Starring Robert Downey Jr., release date June 7th, 2010


Wired (via MTV Splash Page) has as video about the sceience of the film. The filmmakers and scientists in the field of robotics discuss the ability of robots to mimic human operators:

Starring Bruce Willis, release date: November 23rd, 2009


Director Edgar Wright brings you a cup of coffee into today's set pic, from his dedicated blog. Also, if you haven't already, check out CBR's coverage of creator Bryan Lee O'Malley's spotlight panel from Comic-Con. He talks about the film and plans for the final volume of the series.

Starring Michael Cera and Chris Evans, release date: 2010


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