G.I. Joe, Heroes, Speed Racer: May 8th Comic Reel Wrap


There's new photos from the Hasbro adaptation wandering around the web -- Heavy Duty's at Superhero Hype, Destro's at IESB, Storm Shadow's at Latino Review, Breaker at Dark Horizons and The Baroness at IGN. Almost everybody but the actual comics media ...


According to TV Guide, veteran actor Bruce Boxleitner has been cast in the hit NBC series. The magazine says the role was originally going to be modeled after Sen. John McCain. The character has since been reconceived and is expected to be sharing scenes with a female series regular. They add that, although the show is introducing some new faces next season, the primary focus will remain "on the core characters from the pilot."


CBR News has an early review of the fast-paced flick.


The Hollywood Reporter notes that "'Thor' will be released about six weeks after 'Iron Man 2,' and Marvel is waiting for a script polish from scribe Mark Protosevich ('I Am Legend'). Matthew Vaughn no longer is attached to direct the project because his holding deal expired December."


There's early reviews of the Will Smith superhero film at Ain't It Cool News and Moviehole.


Variety reports that the Brandon Routh-fueled "Dylan Dog" adaptation has a new name.


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