G.I. Joe, Heroes, Dexter: October 30th Comic Reel Wrap


A recent story at IESB claims that actor George Clooney may have replaced Mark Wahlberg as the front runner to play Duke in the Hasbro-themed project. The site wrote, "Rumor is that one of the reasons he walked away from Joe CarnahanÕs 'White Jazz' was not only due to scheduling conflicts but also because he is looking for a blockbuster to star in."


CBR News has another Behind the Eclipse feature with writers/producers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite, and has images from last night's episode "The Line."

Meanwhile, Herosite has official network descriptions for three upcoming episodes -- "Four Months Ago" (the page's blurb line hasn't been updated to reflect the new data) "Cautionary Tales" and "Truth and Consequences" -- respectively.


What does Miami's most charismatic serial killer have to do with comics? CBR News tells all.


Empire Magazine has some early photos from the Mark Millar adaptation.


Kryptonsite has fresh rumors about casting for another DCU guest star, while the Superman Homepage notes that former Jimmy Olsen actor Marc McClure will appear on the show as a Kryptonian named Dax-Ur.


The rumor over at Bloody Disgusting is that the Daywalker is due for a reboot, courtesy of Marvel and not New Line.


Fan fave Guillermo del Toro is quoted at Sci Fi Wire talking about who he wants to usher the Vertigo character on to the silver screen: creator Neil Gaiman, who has never directed a film. "I think that if anyone knows that character, it's him," del Toro said. "And then, if we need to create a support structure, we will. I mean, there is without a doubt no one more qualified to tell that story than Neil Gaiman in my mind ... I think that Neil is a guy that thinks in terms of ideas and very concrete images. He's not an artist in the sense that he's not a draftsman, but he is the creator of that universe. ... I think there's a great advantage to not knowing how things should be done. People just go and make them happen, because they don't know that they are impossible. ... I prefer first-time mistakes than 10th-time mistakes. I think these guys are going to have first-time things that no one else is going to do. So hopefully it will happen."


The Gorfaine/Schwartz Agency has revealed in this PDF that Harry Gregson-Williams is set to compose the score for the Hugh Jackman-fueled spinoff.


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