"G.I. Joe" #33 sells out, Limited 2nd Printing to come

Official Press Release

We told you to get them, but we didn't expect them to all go in one day! Devil's Due Publishing's G.I.JOE #33 completely sold out of its print run on the very same day it hit the stands. No doubt helped by the Michael Turner cover (Issue 33 shipped as a 50/50 split with covers by Turner and Tommy Castillo) this is also a sign of fan demand rising due to events in issue #32, (Spoiler Warning) which ended with both General Hawk, Leader of the G.I.Joe team, and Cobra Commander, shot and left for dead at a battle site.

The lead up to the critical story in issue #34 was so popular that Devil's Due is going to release a very special second print of issue #33. Josh Blaylock, was excited by the fan response, but urged retailers to take note "We've been hyping this issue for a long time, and although we always try to generously overprint, we can only risk printing so many. I worry that some retailers are not ordering enough on their initial numbers. We urge everyone to take this into consideration for issue #34 and beyond. The fate of General Hawk is going get a LOT of fans talking"

The second printing will be in stores within the next two weeks. The new printing of GI Joe #33 will be limited to 3,000 copies and feature a spectacular sketch cover version by the infamous Michael Turner! Do not let this issue pass you by!

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