G.I. Joe #2 makes pre-emptive strike with early debut

Official Press Release

ORANGE, CA - OCTOBER 17, 2001 - Image Comics is pleased to announce thatdue to overwhelming response to the success of the first issue, G.I. Joe#2 will be in stores on October 31st. This new date is almost a monthEARLIER than it's originally solicited ship date.

This announcement comes roughly a month after the first printing of G.I.Joe #1 sold out within a week. The original run, which sold out eventhough it was over-printed from orders by a factor of one third, hasprompted Image to adopt the same policy of aggressive overprinting onissue #2. "With orders for the second issue coming in significantlyhigher than the first, overprinting was the only logical thing to do,"explained Image Comics Publisher Jim Valentino. He went on to explainthat Image's goal is to keep the books that retailers need in stock.G.I. Joe #1 was subsequently ordered back to press with David Beck'sSnake-Eyes painting in place of the original cover piece, and is stillavailable from Diamond for reorder.

The first three issues of G.I. Joe have been solicited on a bi-monthlybasis, but based on response to the initial two, that may soon change.The intention of going monthly with this ongoing series had always beena plan of writer Joshua Blaylock and his creative team, but the stunningsuccess of issues #1 and #2 has prompted this plan to become a realitysooner than he'd expected. "From day one our goal has been to go monthlyafter issue five. It looks like we'll be goingmonthly after issue four now," commented Blaylock. With issue #3 well onit's way to completion the week it appears for order in DiamondPreviews, the crew behind G.I. Joe has proven that they means business.Fans and retailers who can't wait the two weeks for the issue to hit thestands can see a preview at www.gijoecomic.com.

Image Comics is strongly encouraging retailers to take this opportunityto double check their orders for G.I. Joe #2 (SEP011098), and tore-stock on the second printing of G.I. Joe #1 (JUL015145) to ensuresell-through on one of the hottest series in years.

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