FX Teases Return of <i>Justified</i>

FX has released a new teaser for its neo-Western Justified that suggests longtime friends and rivals Raylan Givens and Boyd Crowder could again find themselves on the same side in the upcoming third season.

Created by Graham Yost and based on the protagonist from Elmore Leonard’s novels Pronto and Riding the Rap and the short story “Fire in the Hole,” Justified centers on Raylan Givens (Deadwood's Timothy Olyphant), a no-nonsense, Stetson-wearing U.S. marshal who’s reassigned to his native Eastern Kentucky after killing a gun thug ina Miami hotel. Boyd, the white supremacist pot dealer/explosives expert/all-around troublemaker played by The Shield's Walton Goggins, was originally killed off in the show's pilot, but proved so popular that he's become an integral part of the drama.

Although it will be tough to top Season 2 -- I'll miss Margo Martindale in her Emmy-winning turn as tough-as-nails crime family matriarch Mags Bennet -- the third season holds promise with the addition of Neal McDonough as Quarles, a Detroit mobster who has his sights set on Harlan, and Mykelti Williamson as Limehouse, a man who'll do whatever it takes to protect his corner of the county.

Justified returns in January, marking the earliest premiere yet for the acclaimed drama (Season 1 bowed in March 2010, and Season 2 in February).

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