FX Retooling <i>Powers</i> Pilot

FX has requested reshoots for Powers, based on the acclaimed comic series by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming, after passing on the Southern crime drama Outlaw Country.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the two pilots had been pitted against each other for a spot on the FX schedule, with Outlaw Country going through a retooling over the summer as the cable network waited to see Powers' special effects. Now, after seeing the finished product, executives want some changes to the comic-book adaptation.

Bendis characterized the development as "pretty good news," writing on Twitter, "The pilot was crazy expensive and very lovely and shows incredible potential for a long series. The reshoots are planned for January and are all about tone and clarity. I am very proud of the pilot. [...] Network spending more $$ on Powers is good. They did the same to the Sons of Anarchy pilot. [...] A lot of pilots go through this. But they aren't based on anything so you never hear about it. The network convos this week have been great."

Set in a world where superpowers are common, the police procedural follows Christian Walker (played by Jason Patric) and Deena Pilgrim (Lucy Punch), homicide detectives in the Powers division who are partnered to investigate the murder of the popular superheroine Retro Girl (Carly Foulkes). The pilot also stars Charles S. Dutton as Captain Cross, Titus Welliver as Triphammer, Bailee Madison as Calista, and Alona Tal (Veronica Mars) as Zora.

It's been a long road for Powers, which was optioned for film by Sony as early as 2001, barely a year after its comic-book debut. However, it wasn't until February 2010 that Bendis revealed the property was in active development at FX; the network greenlit the pilot a year later.

Variety notes that the network's freshman thriller American Horror Story and its veteran crime series Sons of Anarchy are performing well, allowing executives the luxury of being choosy while settling on a drama lineup.  The acclaimed neo-Western Justified will return for a third season in February or March.

A co-production of Sony and FX Productions, the Powers pilot is written by Charles "Chic" Eglee (The Walking Dead, The Shield) and directed by Michael Dinner (Justified, Sons of Anarchy).

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