FX Delays <i>Louie</i> Until Spring 2014; Louie C.K. Comments On Hiatus

Season 3 of FX's Emmy-winning show Louie might have ended with a bang, but we're going to have to wait a little while to see Season 4.

Spinoff Online had the chance to chat with Louie producer/writer/director/star Louis C.K. and FX Networks President and General Manager John Landgraf today during a conference call, where they announced Louie will go on extended hiatus to allow C.K. to have more time to create the upcoming season.

"I want to keep going. I want the show to keep getting better. That's my goal," C.K. said. "It's a luxury that I ask for which is more time to create Season 4, and Season 4 is already my job right now, but I'm going to take a whole lot of time to turn it in."

Instead of premiering next year, Season 4 of Louie will air on FX in spring 2014. C.K. explained that, to him, the conclusion of Season 3 marked the end of a "trilogy" within his show, and that he wants Season 4 to start from a new point and tell a new story for his character. The intent would be for seasons 4 through 6 to be a second trilogy, and then seasons 7 through 9 to be a third.

"I want Season 4 to go somewhere new, even if it's just a small degree of shift," he said. "I'd like to start a new story, sort of. And I don't know what that is. ... It's going to take a little bit of pie and coffee to figure that out."

The next year or so will be "reset time" for C.K., and Landgraf made it clear FX is behind the comedian no matter what he decides to do. The decision to take the extra break came after C.K. felt too rushed making the past two seasons of the show and wanted to have the same sort of freedom that he had making Season 1.

In addition to having more time to write the show, he'll also have more time to edit it. C.K. plans to start shooting next September or October and then the show will likely air around May. He's going to return to taking full creative control of the show after having Susan Morse edit some episodes this past season.

C.K. said Season 4 likely won't pick up from China, which is where the third season ended. That would mean he himself would have to head back to the country, and he doesn't see that happening.

"I don't know where Season 4 is going to go, but part of what I'm excited about is not thinking about it before I think about it," he said.

Landgraf said he and C.K. have talked about bringing other comedians on board in creative capacities similar to what C.K. has done with Louie because they want to expand FX's role as a "curator" of other comics. C.K. recently did that when he sold Tig Notaro's comedy special on his website.

Just because C.K. is delaying when Louie is returning doesn't mean that he's not working on the show. In fact, he'll likely start developing Season 4 soon; he'll just take more time with it.

"I don't believe stopping something great means losing it," C.K. said. "I really would miss this show a lot of it went away."

He continued, "I still want to be working on the show. I want to be on the air now, again. I'm really eager all the time with this show. ... I want the show to be better. I guess for me [this news] is just exciting."

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