Future Remains Uncertain for a New "Marvel vs. Capcom" Game

Despite clamoring from fans, there hasn't been an entry in the seminal "Marvel vs. Capcom" series since 2011's "Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3," released on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, pitted the heroes and villains of the two universe against each other.

Polygon recently spoke with Marvel Games vice president Jay Ong about the potential of a fourth installment. And while the answer wasn't a straight up dismissal of the game ever happening, it also wasn't as positive as fans would like it to be.

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"We love our fans and we certainly want to please them," Ong told Polygon. "Beyond that, we can't say anything at this time. But who knows what the future holds?"

Marvel is certainly under no obligation to release a new outing with Capcom, as their license with the developer expired in 2013. As Polygon notes, this resulted in all "Marvel vs. Capcom" games being pulled from Microsoft and Sony's online stores that same year.

But just because the future is uncertain for "Marvel vs. Capcom" doesn't mean there's about to be a dearth of Marvel Games in the months ahead. In addition to the Marvel Universe-set entry from TellTale Games, there's also the recently announced Spider-Man game on Playstation 4, created in conjunction with Insomniac Games. Anyone eager to see Wolverine snikkity-snikt his way through one of Ryu's Hadoukens, however, will just have cross their claws and hope the companies can work sequel arrangements out.

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