Dan DiDio Reveals the Future of Future Quest

Jeff Parker and Evan Shaner's "Future Quest" has been one of the standouts of DC Comics' Hanna-Barbera line -- it doesn't reimagine the concepts as much as "The Flintstones" or "Scooby Apocalypse," but has received acclaimed for its contemporary take on many classic animated adventure shows, from Jonny Quest to Space Ghost and many more lesser-known characters.

Naturally, fans were worried when the solicitation text for April's "Future Quest" #12 revealed that it'd be the series' last issue -- though Parker assured fans via Twitter that more news on the series was on the way. At least part of that news was revealed by DC Entertainment Co-Publisher Dan DiDio in this CBR-exclusive outtake from this week's edition of the "DC All Access" web series, where it's revealed that the individual characters and teams featured in "Future Quest" will return for their own stories, in an anthology-type series DiDio refers to (seemingly unofficially) as "Future Quest Presents."

"We're taking what we did with 'Future Quest,' and actually turning it more into an anthology book," DiDio said in the "DC All Access" clip. "While the first series, the 12-part story that opens it up, features all of the characters together, now we're going to break them out a little bit. It'll be more like 'Future Quest Presents,' and we'll have three issues of Johnny Quest, or Herculoids, or Birdman, or Space Ghost, or the Impossibles -- all the characters that are in there, we're going to try to bring out and give them their own spotlight, and give them a chance to open up and breathe under their own right. We're hoping to see that be able to grow more stories and more series for us."

It's not yet known when "Future Quest" will return in its new form, or what creators will be involved -- but with both WonderCon in Anaheim and Fan Expo Dallas this weekend, and C2E2 in Chicago later this month, news could be coming soon. Keep reading CBR for the latest.

In the meantime, the "Adam Strange/Future Quest Annual" is on sale this Wednesday, March 29, from DC Comics, by the team of writers Jeff Parker and Marc Andreyko and artist Steve Lieber, with a "Top Cat" back-up story by Dan DiDio and Phil Winslade; one of four DC/Hanna-Barbera crossover annuals on sale this week. "Future Quest" #12 is scheduled for release on April 26.

Here's this week's episode of "DC All Access" in full:

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