Future Of DC-Based Video Games Addressed by WB Games President

During the E3 press conference, Sony PlayStation revealed that the blockbuster "Arkham" franchise will continue with the release of "Batman: Arkham VR." That game will allow players to become the Dark Knight through virtual reality technology. And that's not the only DC game coming to consoles; the DC universe of heroes and villains will return in 2017 as part of "Injustice 2." But as "Injustice" stars an ensemble, some wonder if DC characters besides Batman will ever get "Arkham"-style solo franchises. In an interview with IGN, WB Games President David Haddad spoke about the future of DC's games.

"DC is an enormous priority for our entire company, and we're thrilled that games can really support franchise building at almost the same level as movies and television can," said Haddad when asked about the potential for more solo hero games.

The conversation shifted to whether or not WB Games would focus on making movie tie-in games -- especially now that the DC's cinematic universe has launched with the release of "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" and the upcoming "Suicide Squad." Haddad stated that their plans for DC games go much further than movie tie-ins.

"We get asked that question, 'Are you making movie games?' And that is so far from the way that we approach the business and the industry," Haddad said. "Fundamentally, these things have to work as great games and great game franchises."

Haddad declined to talk about future games in the works past "Batman: Arkham VR" and "Injustice 2," but he did say that all of WB's partner studios are hard at work on unspecified games at the moment.

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